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Blues Port Scanner v5.0.2 Bui

Blues Port Scanner

BluesPortScan Gui-Version v5.0.2 Build #1265

The BluesPortScan is, the fastest scanner for 32Bit windows which you can found in the net. It scans local 5000 ports in 8sec.
If you are using Win9x/ME legacy OS's it's a little bit slower...
The new version 5 has now features like Port list-scans, AutoCompletion when entering known, existing host names or ips and a big big list of typical port assignments.

BluesPortScan offers TCP and UDP scanning as well as a Anti-Flood function

And of course, it's a little bit more stable, especially under Win9x/Me although these OS's are definitively not the operating systems of choice for using this program.



Submission Date: 05/15/2011
Submitted by: dante
Downloads: 157
Rating: 8.0 (1 votes)
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 Home Page: Here
 Version: v5.0.2 Bui
 Platform: Windows
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