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About Infernal Logic

My name is: WD Stewart aka Dante
and I'm the guy who runs this place.


Find me here: Register at Minds.com

2 Quotes. The first is mine, the second is wisdom from dayz gone by:

"The more I know the more I know that I didn't really want to know."

"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."
-T.H. Huxley



This website is 100% K.I.S.S. Compliant
(Keep It Simple Stupid)
The original intent was to create something like
an old "ansi" BBS both in appearance and function.
And although over time it has changed to something
a bit more complex, the same intent is in place.
Some of you might remember me from my old BBS.
(Hell's Half Acre)
I started computing on a C=64 in the late 80's while stationed in Germany.

I launched my first BBS in S.F. California in 89 running Color 64 BBS.

After using and testing MANY BBS packages including Supra128 (which I purchased the rights to in 94) I soon found myself with a need to upgrade to an 80XX platform.
After another search for the correct BBS software I settled on JDR BBS and soon had a multi-line BBS up and running in Dallas Texas.

The late 90's sealed the deal for BBS systems when the WWW started to blossom, and since that time I have been cobbling webpages and being active in various forums.

In 2008 I was selected as the Computers & Technology forum moderator on Myspace.com, as well as several other forums there.
Justin Timberlake bought the place and shut down the forums in 2011.
(The bastard)

You can still find me on Minds, Twitter, Truth Social and Disqus as: @dante7237

InfernalLogic is an extension of my past experiences, and a means to help others who may not have that sum total of experience.